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The US Show

"The US Show" is a variety talk, arts and entertainment podcast, mainly dedicated to spotlighting Creatives and Business Owners, locally and globally. You never know what can happen or who you will hear from on, "The US Show".
*Also the home to "The Evolution of Marc With a C" Subseries.

If you would like to be a part of the fun, Feel free to send US your Unbelievable Stories, life situations, made up exaggeration and the what not, to 


CALL US and leave US a voicemail or text


Aug 27, 2017

It's another week and all 3 mics are crackin! AJ, Rommi and Miller, are all together again for another exciting and completely Unbelievable Shit Show!

Aug 22, 2017

A new series featuring Just AJ & Miller. A Show for Nerd Dads by Nerd Dads. Talking everything from Family life to Video Games, Movies, Comics, Conspiracies and more!

After a 4 week hiatus from "The US Show" Miller is able to sneak by the Shitto and was mutually decided, with his schedule and family life, we would have...

Aug 22, 2017

Just the two of US (Rommi and AJ) in the shittio this week. Rommi spends a day at the beach, AJ buys a bum guitar, The Eclipse overshadows everything and we learn that Vaginas require that they be utilized or they will break or something to that effect..


Thanks as always for listening and as always..

Keep On...

Aug 13, 2017

We (well Rommi and AJ) are back after a week off and we recap the last two weeks of Sh*t we've dealt with. AJ denounces gravy, Rommi deals with the public school transpo system, the world is coming to an end, Lizard men are running amuck in South Carolina and much much more Unbelievable Sh*t