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The US Show

"The US Show" is a variety talk, arts and entertainment podcast, mainly dedicated to spotlighting Creatives and Business Owners, locally and globally. You never know what can happen or who you will hear from on, "The US Show".
*Also the home to "The Evolution of Marc With a C" Subseries.

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Mar 27, 2017

Episode 7 takes US on an Unbelievably interesting turn of events this week..

AJ loses his name,

We visited "Karl's House of New and Used Karls" to purchase some Karls from Carl, Then Go To Karl World and Karl Studios Orlando,

Rommi discovers and questions the use and purpose of the #Hashtag,

We briefly touch on Cheddar...

Mar 19, 2017

Episode 6 - Return of the.... wait no, that's something else..

This Episode we discuss some topics of a most unbelievable nature..

The Wall Of Vagina..

Woman who weaves from her vagina..


a woman who makes yarn penis, not meant for vaginas.

and Rommi Finally gets her box filled and reads US an Unbelievable Shit...

Mar 19, 2017

In this Shiterview... we delve into who is Rommi Starr, I mean, besides Co-host of The US Show, that is.

Learn the full story and the inner secrets of a former "DCM", now Event Staffer/Podcaster.

Mar 13, 2017

Coming down off the cruise high, we just had to shit out another episode..

We run down our weekend and Rommi updates us on some Unbelievable Shit going on in the world.

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Mar 10, 2017

We're Back!!!

Back from sailing the seas on a ship of fools and all the drinks in the lands, Rommi and AJ recap their adventure on the high seas.