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The US Show

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Jul 17, 2017

In this "You Put The U in US" Interview AJ talks with the Legendary and awesomely entertaining "Marc With a C", Singer/Songwriter/DIY Producer, based out of Central Florida and who has performed nationally in the US and is also an International recording artist. We discuss the History of his career, discuss his Newest EP and just shoot the Sh*t, as we normally do here at The US Show.

Featuring cuts from his classic works, as well as cuts off his new EP:

"Half Serious, Half Kidding"

We really hope you enjoy this Sh*tierview, and be sure to go check out Marcs stuff on Spotify or Buy his Records in Physical Vinyl or CD Format at his Bandcamp page!!

Also support his Patreon page to get Marc With A C Exclusives!!!

Track list:

1. "Magazines" - Losing Salt

2. "Drunk Classic Rock Fans" - Normal Bias

3. "Life's So Hard" - Life's So Hard

4. "Music Can Heal" - Life's So Hard

5. "Anything But Plain" - Unicorns Get More Bacon

6. "The Ballad Of Dick Steel" - Unicorns Get More Bacon

7. "Texas Myron" - Unicorns Get More Bacon

 8. "Long Time Listener" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

9. "First Time Collar" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

10. "Until You Help Yourself" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

11. "I Don't Love You" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

12. "Holly Vincent" - Pop, Pop, Pop!

13. "All I Want For Christmas" - Half Serious, Half Kidding 

14. "Selfies" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

15. "Clutch" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

16. "This Meeting Is Bullshit" - Half Serious, Half Kidding

17. "Nerdy Girls" - An Introduction to Marc With a C

18. "Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys" - An Introduction to Marc With a C

19. "Popular Music" - Popular Music

20. "Long Distance Dedication" - Unicorns Get More Bacon