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Mar 19, 2020

In this episode we discuss the 6th album by Orlando, Fl Singer/Songwriter/Story teller, Marc Sirdoreus, aka Marc With a C, "Normal Bias".

Normal Bias
Written and Performed By: Marc Sirdoreus
Released: August 1st, 2007

1. Classic Country Wasn't Multitracked in '61
2. Song Song
3. Already Dead
4. Dear Son
5. A Tale To Tell
6. The Earth Didn't Move (You're Just Hungover Again)
7. Ex-Neanderthal
8. Drunk Classic Rock Fans
9. Town In Flames
10. How It's Been
11. Happy To Be Alive

Sode Exclusive Bonus Track:
12. Please Don't Go
(Bonus only available on Vinyl version of "Normal Bias")

All Songs and Physical Versions of this album are available
for purchase/streaming at

This Episode was recorded January 6th, 2020.

From the host and staff:

- We hope to be a comfort and distraction to you during these trying and questionable times of uncertainty. Please be assured arrangements have been made to keep this series running till it's completion, pending unforeseen and incontrollable circumstances or till the Internet goes poof! (lets hope none of that happens) Thanks as always for downloading/streaming and listening. We appreciate you and know we will get through this hurdle of life, together, as one. Keep on evolving.