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The US Show

"The US Show" is a variety talk, arts and entertainment podcast, mainly dedicated to spotlighting Creatives and Business Owners, locally and globally. You never know what can happen or who you will hear from on, "The US Show".
*Also the home to "The Evolution of Marc With a C" Subseries.

If you would like to be a part of the fun, Feel free to send US your Unbelievable Stories, life situations, made up exaggeration and the what not, to 


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Nov 28, 2017

After this episode of "The US Show" was recorded, but before it was mastered and finalized to air, we learned of the sad news of the passing of our good friend, fellow Musician (Eat The Elderly) and Podcastmafia brother (What's The Fuss? Podcast), Billy "Hurricane" Helveston. He will forever be the opening voice of this...

Nov 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017, everyone! Have we got a Turkey of an episode for you..

Ep 37: Strip Clubs, Camping, People who ruin your electronics and settings, People who go to public places intentionally while sick, video games, weirdness and more of the usual Unbelievable Sh*t we love to talk about!!  

Nov 15, 2017

This Episode is a day late and we apologize for that(not really)

Catch US on the Flippity-Flopitty Floopfla in this episode of The Unbelievable Shit Show! This episode we wax poetic on Snacks Cakes, the male orgasm, Sexual assault/harassment accusations/allegations in Hollywood/DC and life in general, Rommi claims she...

Nov 7, 2017

There's nothin pretty about this heaping pile of an episode. A Sad intro, Giant Mosquito's of doom. BBW Strip Club idea. And AJ injures himself on air and we spread a lil S'awesome sauce all over the unbelievably good time, as always!